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Double Proxy Evolution Chamber Rush – BrokenRythm

Hey everyone. I wanted to show you probably one of the funniest rushes I’ve ever seen. It is by a friend of mine named BrokenRythm who is a high ranked Diamond player and the video is commentated by another friend of mine whom I play with named Aleesa. BrokenRythm and Aleesa are 2v2 partners who are ranked one of the top in the US in 2v2 and Aleesa likes to do a lot of video commentaries about their experiences in Starcraft 2 on his Youtube Channel so check it out at Aleesa’s Youtube Channel

  • Zeldar

    The evo rush is hilarious! Does that still work or could you only do it in the beta? Thanks for uploading this, its a great replay! The replay shows how powerful those little units can be with the right planning.

  • http://Yourwebsite Jimmeh

    absolutely hilarious, totally about to try this

  • http://Yourwebsite WacoTaqo

    I hate getting cheesed, but its part of the game and this replay is just sooo funny. Thanks!

  • Spectro

    What is the little shild under your characters name for

  • Brooklyn

    That was awesome, thanks for uploading that, I”ve never seen anything quite like that before. It seems Joker’s name fails to reflect his character. It’s a game dude, don’t take it so seriously! Lol

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